All delivered repairs that are requested considered as guarantee or defect according to the Sale of Goods Act, must have a purchase certificate enclosed. If no such documentation goes with the item, the repair will be treated as paid repair, which means that you have to pay for the repair.

Guarantee repairs

When purchase documentation has been submitted and other conditions for guarantee repairs have been satisfied, the repair will be carried out without any costs for the customer.
Note that in connection with purchases abroad/international guarantee all documentation required by the particular dealers must be presented to have this covered. Also note that any guarantee in the country of purchase is not valid in Norway. If you wish to make use of such guarantee, the product must be sent to the place of purchase.
If the guarantee period has expired or the problem is due to user's mismanagement or circumstances that are not covered by factory guarantee, like connected faulty external equipment, external exposure like sand, water, shocks or the like, the repair will not be covered by the guarantee.
This will call for a price estimate. If it is not desirable to carry out the repair according to the proposed price estimate, the customer will be charged the preexamination fee and any consignment expenses.

Consignment to the workshop must be paid for by the customer, this applies to both guarantee and paid repairs.

Paid repairs

All started repairs are charged a so-called preexamination fee. The amount covers initial checking for defects to establish the size of the repair. If the repair is not carried out, for example because it would be too expensive, you will not need to pay more than this. Preexaminations can be paid beforehand or after the repair. If the repair is carried out, you are not charged the preexamination fee.

An ordinary repair with no parts needed are charged the minimum price.* Minimum price is the least we will charge for the repair. If parts need to be replaced or the repair time is longer than the minimum we charge for, the amount will be higher dependent on the scale of the repair.

More often than not there are some parts that need to be replaced, so that the price for the repair will be higher. It is therefore of great help to us if you can set a limit for the price you are willing to pay for the repair.
It is not always easy to know what a reasonable price limit is, and there are many individual circumstances that are of importance for how much one wishes to pay. Even if you set a high maximum price, that does not imply that the repair will be that expensive. Most repairs are charged about 40-60% over minimum price.

If you still don't want to set a price limit, you may ask for a price estimate. Actually, your minimum price becomes your price limit.

At bigger deviations (more than 15%) from a given estimate, a new price will be set. If the damage is more extensive than initially assumed, we reserve the right to set a new price.
If a given estimate is not accepted within 10 days, the service assignment can be discontinued and a preexamination fee charged. Usually a reminder will be given first.
If you don't wish to repair your product according to the given estimate, you will be charged a preexamination fee and any consignment costs. You are not entitled to know which parts are flawed. If you wish information about this you will be charged according to the time spent.

* see prices or posters in our customer reception.

Repair time

Repair time varies according to the product group and is very dependent on seasonal fluctuations. It is therefore not possible to say anything about repair time in general, you have to make an inquiry in each single case.

Once the repair has been started it will in most cases be finished the same day. If we have to order documentation or parts, it will take some more time, depending on when we receive them.

Is it urgent? Point this out to us. If the technician is present, we will immediately check that we have the possibility to give you an urgent service on your device (i.e. that we have parts/documentation). In that case we set everything else aside and start dealing with your device. For this service we add 20% to the invoice, minimum NOK 300, maximum NOK 500 (per. august 2015. Prices are subject to changes).



When your device is ready, we try to contact you. However we do not always succeed. The simplest/safest is for you to check our Service-web.

Dersom produktet er sendt til oss, sender vi det tilbake dit det kom fra dersom noe annet ikke er avtalt.

If the device is delivered directly to our workshop, we ask you to collect it as soon as possible. Items that have not been collected 6 months after they are ready, will be sold to cover our expenses or condemned. The customer is charged an examination fee.



We give three months' guarantee on the work carried out on your device if it is a paid repair (if it originally was a guarantee repair it will continue to be treated as such). It is therefore very important that you start to use the device immediately after you have collected it, so that any defects may be discovered as early as possible.

If a defect arises within three months, you hand in your device to us. As usual we must have a description of what fails to function properly, and you must point out to us that it is a complaint. Attach your previous service invoice if you have it. We will then examine your device again, and then arrive at one the following conclusions:

1)  It is exactly the same defect as before, or the problem is due to our having made a mistake. No, you have not misread. We are also only human, and it happens we make mistakes.  We will of course in any case straighten it all up without any costs for you.

2) The original defect has arisen again, but it is due to flaws in other components that did not show during the first service. In these cases we carry ut a so-called supplementary service. This means that we only charge you for the parts and extra work that would have been invoiced at the first service if it had been discovered then.

3) Apparently it is the same defect that has arisen again, but it proves to be another defect with the same symptoms as the first. This is not covered by the guarantee and we must invoice it as a normal service.


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